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I've been listening to a Podcast called Security Now with Steve Gibson for years.
Steve is a very interesting guy and is very much into Computer Security and, of recent, Health.
Steve spent 3 months very actively researching Vitamin D and made some startling discoveries.
So much so that he decided to share his discoveries with his listeners. The information he
uncovered is known but it is all fairly new and few in the popular media have discovered this
important connection between Vitamin D and health, particularly those near or over 50 years old.

The Vitamin D file linked below is well worth your time to listen too.

Do save and listen to the file I have linked below which I have edited to remove extraneous stuff.
The second file is a short discussion from the following week which has some additional discussion.
BOTTOM LINE: Vitamin D looks to be extremely important for those at or over 50 years old.

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Steve's Web site is www.grc.com but the pages specifically dealing with Vitamin D
are Explorations into Healthy Longevity and “Vitamin D” Research

The transcript to the Vitamin D Podcast is HERE if you'd like to read along or get specific details.

This recent story from Time MagazineWhy Exercise Won't Make You Thin - TIME is also quite interesting.


Updated on Monday 31 Aug 2009 11pm